MAP 12-23 - highly soluble starter fertilizer.

The product is granular and the granule is of uniform quality. Grain size: 2–5 mm.

Nutrient content by weight percentage:
Total nitrogen (N) 12 %
• ammonium nitrogen 12 %
Phosphorus (P) 23 %
• water-soluble phosphorus 21,8%

The products are to be used in accordance with the fertilizer recommendations of the cultivation plan.

Storage and handling:
Preferably store the product indoors. When storing outside, place the product on pallets and cover with a tarpaulin. Not for consumption. Keep the product and empty packaging out of the reach of children and pets. Use caution when handling. Do not go under a raised bag. 

EuroChem Agro GmbH

MT Market Oy

AJA-Market Oy
A-Rehu Oy 

Weight 500 kg